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bm11222宝马娱乐app-2022bm11222宝马娱乐app下载中国有限公司-Apple App Store-bmw宝马11222排行榜 is committed to giving more and taking less.
This means prioritizing business practices and strategies that preserve the long term viability of people and planet.

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Dear Reader,

As a big believer in reflection and the gift of perspective that it brings, this annual Impact Report is easily my favorite bm11222宝马娱乐app-2022bm11222宝马娱乐app下载中国有限公司-Apple App Store-bmw宝马11222排行榜 communication of the year. It’s a chance to look back and say, “look what we did together.” This year is no exception. 

If you’re short on time, I encourage you to jump to these highlights within that will give you a sense for what we’re up to and where we’re going:

  • bm11222宝马娱乐app-2022bm11222宝马娱乐app下载中国有限公司-Apple App Store-bmw宝马11222排行榜’s impact timeline over the years under Impact
  • Our NEW annual grants program under Generosity
  • The launch of Re:Claimed under Responsibility

In our household (with kids ranging in age from one to six), every January we set a family mantra we aim to stick by for the entire year until it becomes second nature. In 2022 we chose “we can do hard things,” and it turned out to be spot on. What will your mantra be for 2023? What will you look back on with pride this time next year?

With gratitude,

Rebecca Papé

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At bm11222宝马娱乐app-2022bm11222宝马娱乐app下载中国有限公司-Apple App Store-bmw宝马11222排行榜, impact and responsibility are actions woven into every fiber of our business. A social enterprise from the very beginning, we know we’re doing things right when we give more and take less.

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We’re committed to providing our people with a positive and purpose-driven work environment focused on opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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In 2022, we aligned on a major mindset shift pertaining to our identity. In an effort to avoid greenwashing by making various “sustainability” claims, we’ve moved toward more accountability and responsibility in our manufacturing process.

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bm11222宝马娱乐app-2022bm11222宝马娱乐app下载中国有限公司-Apple App Store-bmw宝马11222排行榜 was created in an effort to bridge the gap between business and philanthropy. Independently owned and operated, we choose people and planet.

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